Mattress in a Box

Mlily Well Flex 12"

Well Flex 2.0's contains layers of memory foam specializing in breathability, increased comfort, and extended coolness. This mattress also works exceptionally well with adjustable bases due to its high flexibility and low depth profile.

Cooling Knit Fabric Cover

This cover not only breathes, but the air flow creates a cooling sensation keeping you comfortable while you sleep. This highly advanced fabric stays cool-to-the-touch due to its superior breathability and temperature regulating properties that move heat away from the body.

Mlily Harmony-10”

Super soft and cozy cover, the Harmony 10” is medium-firm and exceptionally breathable.

The Harmony is a medium-firm mattress that features foam layers specially designed to conform to the weight and pressure of every individual. Its cover is soft to the touch and exceptionally breathable. The foam layers provide maximum air circulation and temperature regulation to keep the sleeper cool and supported through the night.

Mlily Fusion Supreme 12”

The Fusion Supreme is a comfortable middle ground that fits all sleepers and sleeping positions with a medium feel. The Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam layer regulates temperature and moisture, while the Ventilated Aero Fusion™ Memory Foam layer promotes air circulation. It keeps the sleeper cool and comfortable with its combination of breathable and cooling foams.

Double Jacquard Fabric Cover

Ventilated Gel Aero Fusion™ Memory Foam

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

Flex Comfort Foam

Hybrid Base Foam with Individually Pocketed Springs

MLILY Dream 10” Manchester United

This mattress is the result of MLILY's global partnership with Manchester United Football Club.

It is an upgrade from the previous Dream mattress, also known as the Theatre of Dreams. This mattress is now an all-foam build to allow for a medium feel designed to adapt to the body's natural curves. Its Gel Aero Fusion™ Memory Foam and Adaptive Foam layers allow for air circulation and extended coolness to ensure a more relaxed night's sleep.